Python WiFi

iwconfig Feature Matrix

A comparison of Linux iwconfig vs Python WiFi iwconfig is the baseline to which must match-up.

Feature iwconfig Version Note
list devices yes yes
list device properties yes partial not quite exact match
read properties
wireless name yes yes
ESSID yes yes
Nickname yes no
Mode yes yes
Frequency yes yes
Access Point yes partial
Bit Rate yes yes
Tx-Power yes yes
Sensitivity yes partial
Retry Limit yes partial
RTS thr yes yes
Encryption yes partial
Power Management yes partial
Link Quality yes partial
Signal level yes partial
Noise level yes partial
Rx invalid yes partial
Rx invalid crypt yes partial
Rx invalid frag yes partial
Tx excessive retries yes partial
Invalid misc yes partial
Missed Beacon yes partial
write properties
wireless name yes
Nickname yes
Mode yes
Frequency yes
Access Point yes
Bit Rate yes
Tx-Power yes
Sensitivity yes
Retry Limit yes
RTS thr yes
Encryption yes
Power Management yes
Link Quality yes
Signal level yes
Noise level yes
Rx invalid yes
Rx invalid crypt yes
Rx invalid frag yes
Tx excessive retries yes
Invalid misc yes
Missed Beacon yes

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Last Update: March 17, 2015